Dunaliella sp. (Dun)


Dunaliella salina

[Photo from Czech Academy of Sciences Culture Collection of Autotrophic Organisms – Prague, Czechia]


Dunaliella viridis

[Photo from Culture Collection of Algae and Protozoa – Scotland, United Kingdom]

Dunaliella (AlgaeBase) is a single-celled, photosynthetic green alga, that is characteristic for its ability to outcompete other organisms and thrive in hypersaline environments. It is mostly a marine organism, though there are a few freshwater species that tend to be more rare. It is a genus in which certain species can accumulate relatively large amounts of β-carotenoids and glycerol in very harsh growth conditions consisting of high light intensities, high salt concentrations, and limited oxygen and nitrogen levels, yet is still very abundant in lakes and lagoons all around the world. [From Wikipedia]

The experimental samples used for this species can be found in Data S5 of our supplementary data.

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