Thalassiosira pseudonana (Tps)


[Photo from Culture Collection of Marine Phytoplankton – Maine, United States]

Thalassiosira pseudonana (AlgaeBase) is a species of marine centric diatoms. It was chosen as the first eukaryotic marine phytoplankton for whole genome sequencing. T. pseudonana was selected for this study because it is a model for diatom physiology studies, belongs to a genus widely distributed throughout the world's oceans, and has a relatively small genome at 34 mega base pairs. Scientists are researching on diatom light absorption, using the marine diatom of Thalassiosira. The diatom requires a high enough concentration of CO2 in order to utilize C4 metabolism. [From Wikipedia]

The experimental samples used for this species can be found in Data S14 of our supplementary data.

Sequences (11566)