Heatmap: Cluster_167 (HCCA)

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(Values are log2 transformed ratios of a genes expression in a sample divided by the mean expression level)

Eve10,6hr white light:8hr dark,32C
Eve10,White light,28C
HK10,Trizol reagent,Modified Bold 3N,28C
Vol6,8hr dark:16hr light,28C
Vocar.0003s0355.1 (32889039)
0.39 0.51 0.72 - -0.69
Vocar.0011s0128.1 (32895210)
0.44 0.29 0.23 -1.15 -0.33


Dark gray cells indicate values where the raw expression is zero (cannot be log-transformed). Blue cells indicate samples where the expression of the gene is below average and red cells indicate the gene is expressed above average in the sample. White cells are average.