Heatmap: Cluster_126 (HCCA)

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(Values are log2 transformed ratios of a genes expression in a sample divided by the mean expression level)

12pM Fe,Midday
12pM Fe,Midnight
58pM Fe,Midday
58pM Fe,Midnight
233pM Fe,Midnight
1160pM Fe,Midday
1160pM Fe,Midnight
High carbon,Dark
High carbon,Light
Low carbon,Dark
Silicon starvation,12h
0.71 0.16 0.85 0.05 -0.63 0.05 -0.64 -0.64 -0.59 -0.28 -0.24 0.15
1.31 0.24 1.38 -0.02 -1.06 0.17 -1.17 -0.62 -0.96 -0.8 -0.76 -1.43


Dark gray cells indicate values where the raw expression is zero (cannot be log-transformed). Blue cells indicate samples where the expression of the gene is below average and red cells indicate the gene is expressed above average in the sample. White cells are average.