GO:0120114: Sm-like protein family complex (Cellular component)

"A protein complex containing members of the Like-Sm family of proteins, which includes both the Sm proteins and the Lsm proteins, and which generally form hexameric or heptameric ring structures which bind to RNA. While some of these ring complexes may form independently of RNA, many only form in association with their target RNA. In addition to Lsm-family proteins, many of these complexes contain additional protein members. Members of this family of complexes include the snRNPs which comprise the majority of the spliceosome. Others are involved in the 5' to 3' degradation pathways of mRNAs in the cytoplasm and of unspliced transcripts in the nucleus, as well as other diverse roles." [GOC:bhm, GOC:krc, PMID:19121818, PMID:27627834]

There are 2084 sequences with this label.

Enriched clusters
Name Species % in cluster p-value corrected p-value action
Cluster_172 Cyanophora paradoxa 1.18 % 0.003441 0.030805
Cluster_120 Chlamydomonas reinhardtii 1.72 % 0.003269 0.019741
Cluster_38 Dunaliella sp. 2.0 % 0.00598 0.031282
Cluster_10 Dunaliella sp. 0.91 % 0.013133 0.045027
Cluster_390 Emiliania huxleyi 20.0 % 0.000778 0.003598
Cluster_70 Emiliania huxleyi 1.45 % 0.010691 0.042764
Cluster_146 Seminavis robusta 1.43 % 0.005557 0.016466
Cluster_283 Seminavis robusta 1.89 % 0.00421 0.026588
Cluster_76 Volvox carteri 2.04 % 0.010283 0.045246
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