GO:0071986: Ragulator complex (Cellular component)

"A eukaryotic vacuolar membrane-associated protein; in humans, it is comprised of LAMTOR1, LAMTOR2, LAMTOR3, LAMTOR4, and LAMTOR5. In budding yeast, S. cerevisiae, this complex includes Gtr1p, Gtr2p, Meh1p, and Slm4p. The complex is anchored to lipid rafts in vacuole/lysosome membrane via LAMTOR1 and acts as a guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) for the Rag GTPases." [GOC:krc, GOC:lb, GOC:vw, PMID:15989961, PMID:16732272, PMID:19177150, PMID:19748353, PMID:20381137, PMID:22980980, PMID:29199950]

There are 288 sequences with this label.

Enriched clusters
Name Species % in cluster p-value corrected p-value action
Cluster_13 Cladocopium sp. clade C 0.49 % 0.005736 0.045335
Cluster_309 Seminavis robusta 0.39 % 0.00684 0.033061
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